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IT Budgets are misunderstood, scrutinized and reduced.  At PFR Advisory, we have more than 15 years of expertise in budget planning, aligning IT spend to business strategy, managing IT as a business, benchmarking costs, and presenting technology spending in a prioritized way that gives the CFO and CEO options that are well understood.  We can help you with budget analysis, justification and preparation that brings greater transparency and credibility to your budget submission.

Capital Allocation

Large companies with diverse business units face complex capital allocation decisions.  How does a global corporation decide on where to deploy capital?  PFR Advisory has developed and refined a framework over more than ten years to make and monitor capital deployment decisions across business units. 

Cloud Strategy

Cloud technologies have changed the game.  Information security remains a paramount concern for CIOs and Cloud providers are rapidly evolving their offerings to meet the needs of large companies.  PFR Advisory has developed sound cloud strategies for large corporations that can be extended to your organization.


Communication is critical to a CIO’s success.  You must have a multi-dimensional plan that incorporates communication to the Board of Directors, the CEO, C-Suite peers, your direct reports and your entire staff.  Each communication path is unique and requires a different approach.  PFR Advisory has implemented creative communication vehicles across the spectrum of interested parties in global environments.

Data Center Rationalization

Traditional infrastructure environments are capital intensive, operationally expensive and inefficient due to distributed operations.  Cloud technologies have changed the game. We have successfully led large-scale transformations saving millions while building a more robust environment.  PFR Advisory can help you assess your current infrastructure, develop the business case, help you gain buy-in across your enterprise and mitigate risk to avoid pitfalls throughout your transition.

Portfolio Review

How does your application/product portfolio deliver business value?  Are there components of your portfolio that cost more than the value they generate?  PFR Advisory has developed a framework that enables critical review and peer comparison of your portfolio.  We can help you make the case for additional investment or sun setting of individual components of your portfolio.

Program Tracking
You are ultimately responsible for program delivery, but your time is valuable and limited. You need an efficient process to evaluate and track progress every step of the way.  The CIO Watch List is a proven method that's been perfected over a decade of use successfully delivering millions of dollars of projects.  We help you engage the project team in a constructive way to track progress and mitigate the key risks that derail large projects.  And you can leverage the output of your reviews to provide timely, straightforward updates to the CEO, CFO and the Board.

Strategic Planning

Are your IT initiatives aligned to your overall business strategy?  Do you have an opportunity to drive business strategy with technology?  PFR Advisory has a framework for strategic planning that links IT strategies to overall business goals, drives these strategies into specific initiatives with measureable goals.  We have also developed a one page strategic plan that simplifies communication to senior executives.  The entire IT organization also rallies around the one page strategy

Vision to Execution

All organizations should have a purpose for being, values that guide decisions and an actionable vision for the future.  Working closely with facilitation partners, we help you map out your north star.  We bring more than 15 years of experience in envisioning the future, developing actionable plans that engage and empower employees to understand how their contributions fit in to achieving organizational success.


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